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Research Uncovers Motivating Factors for Various Types of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is an increasingly common choice among both women and men, although women still constitute a significantly larger percentage of patients who opt for various treatments. When someone becomes interested in a clinic such as cosmetic concierge of charlotte reviews found online offer assurance that the doctors provide excellent care.

Researchers have taken an interest in the motivating factors behind the decision to pursue cosmetic surgery, since usually it is not done to resolve an issue that might be considered essential. An individual with a large scar on the face has an obvious reason to want help from a plastic surgeon, but many people without disfigurements are dissatisfied with the way they look or do not like the effects of aging. One person may feel that his nose is too large or crooked, while another is distressed because she has developed noticeable fine lines above the upper lip. Aging is a definitive factor in motivation for many people, as they appreciate the chance to roll back the clock a few years.

Another motivating factor is when someone has lost a large amount of weight and is now troubled by the excess skin left behind. This is an especially frequent problem in the abdominal area. Surgeons can trim away that skin and restore the person’s figure to a fitter, firmer and more attractive appearance. The patient must be close to an ideal weight first, as the surgery is not intended to remove fat deposits.

Studies have found psychological benefits when people have their appearance improved through cosmetic surgery. Even if the person could easily be considered attractive before changes are made, the results are likely to boost this individual’s self-esteem and confidence. However, plastic surgeons sometimes encounter prospective patients who are depressed in general and unhappy with life. The doctors may guide the person to psychological counseling before agreeing to schedule an operation. Studies have found that these individuals may have unrealistic expectations about what adjustments to their appearance can accomplish. A psychologically health person is more likely to understand that she isn’t going to look like a movie star if she isn’t already beautiful, but she can achieve noticeable improvements through plastic surgery and look much younger.