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A Step by Step Guide on Microwaving Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest food because they are packed with many nutrients. They promote gut health, prevent cancer, improve vision and boost the functioning of the brain. If you decide to microwave the sweet potatoes they are going to get cooked within a short span. A microwaving is shorter, unlike boiling, which will take about potatoes. It si vital to note that microwaving then sweet potatoes is not a complicated process. Ahead are the procedure that you should follow to microwave the sweet potatoes.

Washing the sweet potato is the first step when you want to microwave them. Since these are foods that are grown on the ground they contain a lot of dirt that will need to be removed. The time that you could have taken to peel the sweet potatoes is going to be saved once you wash them. In running water, you should scrub the sweet potatoes using running water. After washing, leave them to dry.

During the preparation stage, it is recommended that you pierce the sweet potatoes. Use a knife to do the piercing. The reason why this step is necessary si because it allows the steam to escape while you are cooking it. With no piercing, a lot of pressure is going to build upon the microwave.

From there, you are supposed to wrap the sweet potatoes in a damp paper towel. This is necessary because it will ensure that while you are cooking, the potatoes remain most. Next, put the wrapping in microwave safe plate. Let the sweet potatoes microwave for six minutes. Once the time you had set has elapsed, check whether they are tender. The cooking process is over in the case they are soft. If they are still yet to get cooked; then you should continue adding time at an interval of one minute.

Microwave is one of the several ways that you can cook the sweet potatoes. These methods include grilling, baking, and saut?ing. Once they are tender, from there you can consider very many kinds of recipes out of them.

After the sweet potatoes are done, the next things that you are going to do are topping making it ready for serving. Most of the topping for the sweet potatoes are the usual things that you find on the kitchen. Common toppings that you can consider are the green onion, sour cream, bacon, yogurt, and many more things. If you want to take the topping to another level; you can consider things such as pulled pork, French fried onions, fried eggs, salsa, and many more.


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